Expansion of Our Transit System and What This Means for Investors?

As hard as it is to imagine Toronto’s transit system is in the midst of a major expansion - From TTC Subways, Go Tracks, LRTs and Busways.  Rantwiki from Reddit has imagined what the Toronto Subway map will look like by 2035 if all the current projects by TTC are finished.TTC Subway Map_2035

Here are a number of projects currently in the works:

  • Yonge Subway Extension: north from Finch Station to Richmond Hill Centre/Highway 7 in York Region
  • Scarborough Subway Extension: from Don Mills to Morningside. Extension from the Danforth subway a single stop to the Scarborough City Centre
  • Spadina Subway Line Extension to York Region: Currently under construction. Line will react to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and will cut through York University
  • Eglinton LRT Crosstown Phase 1: Currently under construction
  • Eglinton LRT Crosstown Phase 2: Will eventually connect to Pearson International Airport
  • Downtown Relief Line: will eventually reach to Don Mills, cutting through the Science Centre stop on the Eglinton Line
  • Finch LRT– scheduled to begin construction in 2017 and to be completed by 2021
  • Sheppard East LRT– scheduled to begin construction in 2021
  • Richmond Hill Subway– received $55 million in funding
  • Strengthen 5 of 7 Go Train Lines – 5 of 7 Go Lines to create all-day, two-way service at 15 minute frequencies in key sections

We understand proximity to public transit is a major driver for real estate prices. Our job as investors is to spot for the next “hot" area primed for growth and this means staying informed and in-tuned with any proposed future plans relating to our public transit. Are you looking to invest in tomorrow’s key transit hubs? We at TorontoLifeNow research diligently in future areas of growth throughout the Greater Toronto area. Contact one of our real estate experts to find out which area and projects are worth investing in.